Thursday, November 20, 2008

If You're Going Surfing This Weekend Make Sure To Check This Surf Report

Surf Report

Supersonic Salvation


In beautiful 320 presented by Senor Teisco del Mar

Formed in 1994, Surf Report reigned the Southern California surf music scene for ten years. During that time they released four full length CD's, toured the west coast and southwest United States and were billed with such greats as Link Wray, Dick Dale, the 5 6 7 8's, Buck-o-Nine, and Los Straightjackets to name a few. Surf Report was featured on radio shows worldwide, M-TV's "The Real World," performed live at pre-game parties for tens of thousands of San Diego Chargers' fans, christened the brand new stadium at opening day at Pet-Co park for the San Diego Padres, and were pleased to provide local radio stations with the San Diego Charger's fight song. In 2000, Surf Report was voted the Number 1 Rock Band in San Diego in the San Diego Reader's Poll, and was nominated for a San Diego Music Award in 2002.

Led by blues guitarist Ruhar, and aptly supported by double-picking prince of the surf guitar (yes, Dick was the King) Rick, Surf Report made immediate strides with the help of the ever tight and consistent rhythm section made up by Vince Mack on bass and Mr. E on Drums.

In September of 2004, Rick departed to pursue other ventures and Surf Report disolved. However, the songs remain and feeling is alive!

1 Sandpaper Paddles
2 Ramadan
3  3 Rolled Tacos
4 Tanner
5 Trainwreck
6 Suckerpunch
7 Off the Richter
8 Bluff Failure
9 Landslide
10 Bite the Hand that Feeds, Part 2
11 Ace of Spades


zillagord said...

Excellent... excellent...

I was rubbing my hands together and repeating Mr. Burns' mantra when I saw this was posted. I have two other albums by these guys and I love 'em. Now I'll do something Mr. Burns has probably never done-- say thank you!

Hope you are well dude. Have a great Thanksgiving if I don't see you beforehand.