Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ummmm-Ummmm Good! Re-Up w/ Vid

The Sin-Tones
Ripping Duties Courtesy of Teisco del Mar
Video courtesy of derdaca

by Jason MacNeil
Formed in the Toronto area, the Sin-Tones mix an eclectic blend of instrumental surf rock, rockabilly, and tinges of country to produce a wholesome sound. Much like fellow Canadian instrumentalists Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, the band was founded by lead singer and guitarist Michael Hussey. Hussey, a produced playwright and drama teacher at Ryerson University, grew up listening to the likes of Johnny Cash as a child. But his career path changed after listening to a Dick Dale record and watching the motion picture Pulp Fiction with its surf rock soundtrack. The band has scored and appeared in some films as well as appearing on Canadian variety shows. In 2000, the band released their self-titled debut album.
By Joe Wood
Every now and then, when you hear a band, you know that there is the potential for greatness. Toronto's Sin-Tones most recent CD, Surf-o-Ghetti! (Fading Ways Music), gives me that feeling. Surf-o-Ghetti! spans several different styles—from surf to alt-country to rockabilly—and displays the various musical abilities and creativeness of this Canadian trio.
This short but fun blend of songs and surf instrumentals begins with "The Resurrection of Joe Clark", a surf theme song driven by Michael Hussey's guitar and backed by ooo's, ah's, and a well placed crow. "Knot of Wood" follows with a surfabilly sound reminiscent of works by the Cramps. "(Theme From) Chick Boat", another entertaining surf track, features vocals from female bassist Jo Bradley. (You can catch the campy action video of "Chick Boat" on the Sin-Tones website.)
In "Mail Order Bride" Hussey delivers a twang-y, hilarious ditty about the process of ordering your wife out of a catalog. This song is a pleasant complement to "Yesterday’s Tomorrow", the album’s other western-flavored offering. "Trailer Park Sadie", the one true rockabilly track on this CD, spotlights the Sin-Tones ability to deliver classic 50s rock ‘n' roll.
At a little more than 30 minutes in length this CD comes off a little more like an audio resume than a complete recording, leaving you hungry for more. Every song is right on musically and a lot of fun to listen to. Whether you are into surf or rockabilly this recording is a keeper. Hopefully we all will have the opportunity to hear more from the Sin-Tones...I know that I'm looking forward to it!
The Resurrection Of Joe Clark
Knot Of Wood
(Theme From) Chick Boat
Mail Order Bride
It Could Be...A Beaker Full Of Death
Picked Clean
Monster Truck-O-Rama
Trailer Park Sadie
The Jam Song
They Went Thattaway
Yesterday's Tomorrow
Final Frontier
Atomic Paradise


derdaca said...

Video for Sin-Tones - Theme From Chick Boat '"

Derk Brigante said...

HEY! Real kool stuff! I always dig it when the surf blogs post some Canadian Surf!

I have a weekly program, The Surfphony of Derstruction, every Tuesday 7PM on CJAM 99.1 in Windsor and Detroit and your blog is a big help for finding surf tunes! Especially when you post Canadian Surf so I can cover my CANCON quota and provide some exposure for well-deserving Canucks!

here's the Surfphony of Derstruction blog with lots of info!