Saturday, December 25, 2010

Do It Yourself! Re-upped by request

Arya requested a re-up on this one. We are always glad to oblige.

Los Esquiazitos
Hagalo Usted Mismo E.P./Do It Yourself

01.-Guitarras y muchachas/Guitars and Girls

02.-Un dia en texas (version gore)/One Day In Texas

03.-Amor y agua salada/Love and Saltwater
04.-Siempre de malas/Always Bad
05.-El viejo bufanda
06.-El Efecto Bob Ross (version jungle 2x2 part.1)/The Effect Bob Ross
New Link HERE


arya said...

Big request to update the link on this album.
Thanks for the blog! It's beautiful!

arya said...

Thank you very much!

juanitomaniaco said...

awesome,and very glad you have this!