Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Surf From The Land Of Teisco & Ryp

Re-Up from 2008

Brought to you by Teisco del Mar, from the Fatherland.

Also a very nice booklet that has excellent info on each of the groups involved in this stellar parade of surf tunage.

***Make sure to grab the "Mystery Tracks" link for the elusive tracks # 16 & 17.

On this CD compilation NPR records presents the cream of the German Surf scene. Feat.: The Orgaphonics, Surfpatrouille, Leopold Kraus Wellenkapelle, Way Out West, Los Twang Marvels, Achtung Rakete, Stronzo Gelantino & The Boo-Men, The Razorblades, The Sidemen, The Kilaueas, Cave 4, Robert & The Roboters, Pozor Vlak, Commando, Birke Maier Trio, The Cruncher. "Herbert Hooke, aka The Cruncher, assembled this monster compilation for NPR Records with two tracks apiece from 15 current German guitar bands. Unfortunately that left room for only one track from The Cruncher himself, but with his new album due in the summer we won´t have to wait long for more inspired reverb surfers like In My Chair. Yes, in the hands of a master the Status Quo hit does work as a surf guitar instrumental. The other contributors to Krautsurf share Herbert´s love of genuine reverb surf sounds in varying degrees. Although not as it is in America, it seems the term surf music has a broadening definition in Germany. Still, with 31 tracks and a CD-busting 78 minutes there´s plenty here to make this a desirable collection and the following tracks that surf fans can approach with some confidence. - Leopold Kraus Wellenkapelle´s Draussen Am Grossen Riff has a repetitive guitar motif underpinned by cheesy organ but explodes into life with ist driving surf chorus. - The Razorblade´s Longboard Queen is a melodic twang rocker but Headshaker nods in the direction of surf with ist slides and staccato picking. - Surfpatrouille´s Eskalator has an expressive lead with distortion effects. Slot Car Racer buzzes with fuzzed up reverb in a modern take on traditional surf. - The Orgaphonic´s Hot Rod is a fine pre-surf style rocker driven by damped echo picking. Sunset Rider an atmospheric ballad with slide and tremelo used to good effect – sounds a little like Blue Hotel. - The Kilaueas – Two fine selections from their excellent Professor Volcanova CD (see Pipeline 6). Tunguska Blast! surfs up a traditional East European theme while Stranded is a great surf ballad in traditional ´60s style with damped picking, tremolo and reverb to the fore. - The Cruncher´s In My Chair succeeds due to ist fine guitar sounds. - Pozor Vlak´s Crazy Krüger is a catchy, pre-surf style rocker - Cave 4 – Boulevard Patrol bubbles along but comes to life with ist crashing chords. Hot Ride is a more relentless and more rewarding rocker. - Way Out West´s Motorhula slips and slides around over a ska rhythm. Evolution simply drips fabulous reverb guitar over everything – a wonderfully moody slowie. - The Sidemen – I´m a sucker for The Persuaders theme and a splash of surf from The Sidemen adds a fascitanting new twist for this little gem of a track. Havanna is an exotic slow roller. - Birke Maier Trio´s Banzai Oranke is a rather piecemeal reconstruction of old surf references but the band show they can cut it by twisting up Baja. I´ve focussed on the surf tracks as, let´s face it, people who don´t like surf are simply not going to by an album titled Krautsurf. But that´s not to dismiss the others as there are some fine none-surf instrumentals on board too. Achtung Rakete have an excellent original in the Euro styled Ojo Misiles, as do Robert & The Roboters with Der Sonne Entgegen, and Los Twang! Marvels knock out a stirring Carioca plus their own Rancho Cucamonga. There´s plenty of surf here captain, but not all as we know it." (Pipeline 71)

1. Hot Rod - The Orgaphonics 2:15

2. Escalator - Surfpatrouille 2:22

3. Draußen am großen Riff - Leopold Kraus Wellenkapelle 1:57

4. Motorhula - Way Out West 3:29
5. Carioca - Los Twang Marvels 1:57

6. Ojo, Misiles! Achtung Rakete 2:35

7. Lonesome Stronzo - Stronzo Gelantino 2:29

8. Longboard Queen - The Razorblades 2:03

9. Persuaders - The Sidemen 1:51

10. Tungasta Blast - The Kilaueas 1:57

11. Boulevard Patrol - Cave 4 2:07

12. Der Sonne entgegen - Robert & The Roboters 3:36

13. Crazy Krüger - Pozor Vlak 2:09

14. The Emperor - Commando 2:33

15. Slot Car Racer - Surfpatrouille 2:03

16. Banzai Orange - Birke Maier Trio 2:15

17. Evolution - Way Out West 2:55

18. In My Chair - The Cruncher 2:55

19. Oh, My Deer - Leopold Kraus Wellenkapelle 2:50

20. Rondo Venezuela - Achtung Rakete 3:30

21. La Mosca - Stronzo Gelantino 2:56

22. Feuerland - Robert & The Roboters 2:34

23. Havanna - The Sidemen 2:04

24. Headshaker - The Razorblades 1:57

25. Fresh - Pozor Vlak 2:13

26. Hot Ride - Cave 4 2:11

27. Sunset Rider - The Orgaphonics 3:06

28. Stranded - The Kilaueas 2:29

29. Lost Boy - Commando 3:36

30. Baja - Birke Maier Trio 3:02

31. Rancho Cucamonga - Los Twang Marvels 1:52



Anonymous said...

i thing the follow tracks
-16. Banzai Orange - Birke Maier Trio
17. Evolution - Way Out West-
is missing...
but its ok,
this complication is SUPER!

RYP said...

Hey Trustar,
that's funny! Thanks a lot!
The word "Baggersee" means a lake dredged by an excavaror in order to win gravel! ; )
So let's ride the wild surf on such a lake...

Trustar said...


Just tested the .rar file and tracks #16 & 17 are right where they belong, at the end of Pt 1.


Just for you two!

I tried to get a translation on Baggersee and could not come up with anything. Thanks for shedding some light of the gravel pit issue. If it's all you got to get wet in, I guess a Baggersee is a cool place to be!

T (8>)>

Trustar said...

If anyone else finds that they cannot access tracks 16 & 17, let me know. I have tested it and found that it works OK at my end but Anonymous said they still can't find it. Let me know and I will try to include the two tracks on the posting.


Anonymous said...

--no need to post this msg.--

i downloaded both parts just for fun..and...the two tracks are not in part1..neither to be found in part2..

..shit happens.. ;-)


Trustar said...

Due to the difficulties in finding tracks 16 & 17 I have posted a "Mystery Tracks" link for just those two tracks.

Sorry for the problem.


RYP said...

oh yes 16 & 17 are missing. Thanks T for the mystery link!

Unknown said...

Could you re-up this one please. Thanks Trustar